Customized Employment

Meet Kylie

(CE) is a unique job placement service that focuses on identifying the unique characteristics and interests of the job seeker and identifying or creating a position that would best suit the job seeker’s profile.

CE involves a process called ‘Discovery,’ which is an informal process of learning about the individual through a set of structured activities and interviews with the individual and other people of central importance to the job seeker (e.g., teachers, friends, family, community leaders, etc.).

Discovery involves observing the individual in the community and at their home doing activities that they find enjoyable. From these observations and interviews a set of three vocational themes are developed.

Each vocational theme is explored by participating in job shadowing and informational interview activities. Upon conclusion of the Discovery process, one vocational theme should be selected as the employment goal.

Job seekers may choose either traditional employment or a variation of self-employment, such as resource ownership, business within a business, job within (or behind) a job, or customized self-employment.

The outcome of the service is that an employment goal that represents the unique individual is identified and then the individual progresses to employment that is customized to him or her.


Meet Kylie –
Autistic and proud of it describes Kylie! Kylie is a self proclaimed animal lover, so when starting her own business at age 22 she knew animals would play a key role.

Before starting her business, Kylie began customized employment with Food for Good Thought. Kylie was able to visit dog shelters, doggie daycares and even a training facility for military dogs while trying to discover what would be the perfect job for Kylie.

Kylie decided having her own business and eventually being able to work with animals would be the best way for achieve her dreams. Goatee Farm grew out of Kylie’s love of animals and provides her with a way to make a living while fulfilling her God given talent of caring for the animals that give her such joy.

Goatee Farm has a line of gluten free goat milk soaps and a line of gluten free goat milk chocolates. Product development occurred out of Kylies desire to have delicious allergy friendly food.

She felt frustrated when she had to eat something sub standard in quality just because she had celiac disease and must live a gluten free life style. Kylie has a keen sense of injustice and has worked hard to make delicious gluten free goat milk chocolates as well as safe gluten free goat milk soap. She believes her products are even more delicious than non allergy products and would like to invite you to give her chocolates and soaps a try.

All Goatee Farm products are handmade and handcrafted.