Job Development


Job Development entails a systematic approach to identifying and contacting potential employers on behalf of a client. Specific job positions and employers that the client would like to pursue are taken into account and given weight.

Job development may include the job developer updating the job seeker’s resume, sending out cover letters and resumes to potential employers, and providing job leads to the job seeker to follow up on.

In addition, job development can entail review of the job seekers interview skills, follow up contacts with employers when applications have been submitted (or when a job seeker has an interview), discussion of hiring incentives and tax credits with the business, and providing support in requesting and implementing reasonable accommodations.

The outcome of the service is for the client to obtain and successfully maintain permanent employment.



Meet Katie –
Katie has always had an interest in music, animals, arts, working with children and Holistic Medicine. After graduating from high school Katie attended two years at Columbus College of Art & Design majoring in Fine Arts. Soon after that, she attended Columbus Polarity Therapy School for about two years and received a certificate as a registered American Polarity Practitioner.

Katie came to Food for Good Thought in the summer of 2012, as most do, looking for a job. Working at a daycare in the past, and with her love for working with children, we began searching for positions in day cares, after school programs, and schools that specialize in special needs. We eventually came upon Haugland Learning Center, a K-12 school for children with Aspergers. After speaking with program directors and teachers, Katie was asked to help out with their high school program, as an intern, specifically a classroom aide.

Every Monday and Tuesday afternoon, Katie is at Haugland working with the sophomores and juniors on homework, note taking, and anything else they might need. Katie’s great demeanor has helped her connect with all the students as well as strengthen her desire to succeed in education.