Job Programs

Food for Good Thought offers vocational and employment services to individuals on the autism spectrum primarily through The Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR) or the Medicaid Waiver.

Services can be on-site in our Clintonville facility or off-site in the community.

Generally, we create a vocational training and/or employment experience that is specific to the individual.

Our services are highly customized and tailored to fit the specific needs of the person served. These include:

Customized Employment: a unique job placement service that focuses on identifying the unique characteristics and interests of the job seeker and identifying or creating a position that would best suit the job seeker’s profile.

Job Development: a systematic approach to identifying and contacting potential employers on behalf of a client.

Career Exploration: to assist an individual in selecting an employment goal amongst several potential options.

Supported Employment: a system of support for people with disabilities in regards to ongoing employment in a variety of work settings.

Summer Program: helps teach transitional youth with autism vocational skills and appropriate work behaviors.



What Our Clients Are Saying

“This has been a great place for Jackie to work! She has learned to bake muffins pretty much on her own and has developed some other useful employment skills! And, the brownies are awesome!” - Jackie’s mom

“We LOVE Food for Good Thought! Not only do we love all the delicious gluten free treats, we also appreciate their passion for helping adults with Autism. Our daughter Kylie is a client of Food for Good Thought. The staff has been amazing and for the first time people cared about her interests in choosing a career! This is rare indeed! She is now the small business owner of Goatee Farm. Thanks Food for Good Thought!” – Mike and Janelle Esker