Supported Employment

Sam (on right) participates in the Special Olympics.

Supported employment is a system of support for people with disabilities in regards to ongoing employment in a variety of work settings.

Supported employment provides assistance such as job coaching, job development, job retention, transportation, assistive technology, specialized job training, and individually tailored supervision.

The concept of supported employment has allowed individuals with severe disabilities to become active, wage-earning members of the workforce.

In addition to providing the necessary accommodations and supports for the individual to be successful in his or her job role, a core tenet of supported employment is that the supported employee earns at least minimum wage.

Within our facility at Food for Good Thought, supported employment services are provided to individuals with autism through the Medicaid Waiver or through The Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation.





Meet Sam –

Sam is very interested in sports and participates in the Special Olympics in bowling, power lifting and aquatics. Sam is also a member of a vocal quartet called ‘The Tones” and is particularly fond of Disney movies and Dr. Seuss books.

Sam came to Food for Good Thought in 2011 and has been working with us ever since. He has thrived in a number of areas and loves to sweep, wash dishes and loves to be outside racking leaves. As a supported employee, Sam is easy to work with, is able to complete a variety of tasks and everyone always knows where he is as he is often found singing Disney songs.

All of the skills Sam has learned with Food for Good Thought have gone home with him as well. He is much more willing to help with dinner prep and kitchen tasks and is even the primary leaf sweeper at home!