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In conjunction with our 2015 Film Series: Autism, Communication, and the World of Work, you are invited to a private screening of the newly released documentary Programming Hope about the nonPareil.Institute in Plano, Texas (by Jack Creamer, Creektree Films)

Sunday, 4/26 at 1 pm at the Gateway Film Center


The film premiered to a sold-out audience in Dallas, Texas on February 28, 2015, and is not yet available for purchase or open for viewing to the general public. Because our series is a mini-film festival, the director and producer of the film has granted us permission to show the documentary, and we are honored to have him as a guest, from Denver, to join us to discuss the film and his experience with the extraordinary group of people who created and now operate the nonPareil.Institute (

To view a trailer of the documentary:

In a relatively short period of time, nonPareil (which means “no equal”) has already seen meaningful outcomes with their students and employees with autism, and have quickly positioned themselves to be a world leader in providing occupational and life-time solutions to adults with autism spectrum disorder.

Essentially the nP institute has built a software development company where individuals with autism are trained to build technology, to build video games, and to build apps, and then to sell what they have designed. One student, for instance, learned computer design and coding, and in addition to teaching, he works at nP as a full-time staff programmer. Twenty-eight other former students with autism have become full- or part-time paid instructors. “This is their company,” the owner says. “They write all of the software products we are selling, which now include five apps and three e-books. They’re nothing less than professionals building a brand.”

Food for Good Thought hopes to make Columbus an nP.Candidate Expansion City, alongside Fort Worth, Houston, and Portland, where the nP model of services will be provided to individuals with autism in the central Ohio community. Come join us to see what we can do together to bring nP to our community.


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