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Those Who Spring of Me is an independent fiction film about a young non-verbal man with autism, Will, and his girlfriend, Tatum, who also has autism. Will and Tatum met on the job, and Will communicates through supported typing on a voice output device. Will and Tatum announce to his parents that they want to conceive a child together—they also ask for permission and assistance when the child is born.

While their quirky love story softens the weight of their request, Will and Tatum’s goal causes all parties (including us) to grapple with the implications of self-determination, parental duty (and guilt), moral ambiguity, social versus personal responsibility, and even eugenics. As the four of them try to resolve the dilemma, the innate humanity of each character is revealed.

Will and Tatum are played by individuals living with autism who are paid for their work. In conjunction with Food for Good Thought, Inc., all ticket sales for the film go directly to the non-profit mission of providing individuals with autism meaningful employment experiences. As the late American actor Brion James said, “Work begets work”—through our non-profit mission, the work of our film will generate even more work for individuals living with autism.

Inspired by the screenwriter’s non-verbal son with autism and his first love, Those Who Spring of Me is a unique fiction film in which actors with autism portray the lead characters, and where the main protagonist is non-verbal with a communication device.

The film demonstrates how consistent occupational experiences can enrich our quality of life and engender authentic relationships—even (or perhaps especially) in individuals with atypical minds. Of central importance in the film involves the complicated question if individuals with a neurological disability should (or shouldn’t) be able to extend their love for each other by bearing a child together.


Please click on the ‘Donate’ button to make your donation to our film.